Japanese Gardens Menu



Eggs Your Way*   $12.00

fried, poached or scrambled on sourdough.

With sides:

bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, sausage        $5.00

avocado (½), smoked salmon                                                                   $5.50




   Breakfast Bruschetta*

  1. tomato, Spanish onion, basil, goats cheese, rindless bacon and

“The Point’s” caramelised balsamic dressing on sourdough toast.         $19.50

2.mushroom: roasted flat cap mushrooms, caramelised onion, fetta

& rocket on garlic sourdough    $19.50

  1. home smoked salmon, spinach, asparagus, lemon and caper dressing     $23.50


w/ poached eggs add        $5.00






Bacon and Egg Roll *    $12.50

two rashers of rindless bacon, fried egg on toasted brioche bun with

two hash browns




   Corn Fritter Stack    $22.50

corn, zucchini and capsicum fritters w/ sour cream, homemade tomato

chutney, bacon and avocado




   Big Breakfast *    $24.50

your choice of poached, scrambled or fried eggs with rindless bacon,

sourdough, local award winning sausages, grilled tomato and slow

roasted mushrooms with hash brown




   Toasted Banana Bread   $8.50

toasted banana bread with fresh berries and a dusting of icing sugar







   Toast      $5.50

   sourdough, fruit toast, Turkish or gluten free

served with butter and a selection of house preserves or honey





bacon, Chorizo, Eggs, Hash Browns, Slow Roasted Mushrooms, Spinach,

roasted Tomato, Beef Sausage        $5.00

smoked Salmon, Avocado                $5.50


*Gluten Free/Gluten Free Options



  Garlic Sourdough*        $6.50

w/ parmesan                         $7.50



   Ploughman’s Lunch*

with cured meats, grilled chorizo, fetta, olives, pesto, pickled vegetables,

semi dried tomatoes and garlic toast        $26.50





  1. tomato, spanish onion, basil, goats cheese and

“The Point’s” caramelised balsamic dressing on sourdough toast    $15.50

  1. mushroom: roasted flat cap mushrooms, caramelised onion, fetta

& rocket on garlic sourdough    $19.50

  1.   home smoked salmon, spinach, asparagus, lemon and caper dressing    $23.50



  Wagyu Beef Lasagne    $20.50

with fetta & pine nut salad



  “The Point’s” Signature Lemon Pepper Squid                                                     Entrée $16.50

“the point’s” signature lemon pepper squid with fennel, radish, cucumber

and coriander salad with hoi sin dipping sauce and chips                                           Main $24.50                                                                                                                                   



  Classic Fish and Chips       $27.50    ½ serve = $19.50

flathead fillet in classic batter, chunky chips, garden salad and

homemade tartare sauce



  Wagyu Beef Burger*  $23.50

w/ rindless bacon, “the Points” chutney, roasted beetroot, Swiss cheese,

avocado and crispy onion rings served on a milk bun w/ crunchy fries and salad



   Pesto & Brie Stuffed Chicken Supreme*   $24.50

on a rocket, cucumber, pinenut and fetta salad



   Crispy Atlantic Salmon*  $27.50

served on a fennel, orange, radish and avocado salad with goats cheese,

sunflower seeds and ginger vinaigrette



   Lamb Salad*     $24.50

w bocconcini & mint yoghurt dressing



   King Prawn Risotto     $26.50

with garden peas and fresh mint



   Broccolini and Pickled Ginger Salad*   $20.50

with shredded beetroot, ruby red grapefruit segments, goats cheese and

pepitas with apple cider dressing



  Braised Beef Cheek  $24.50

with roast  eshallot, garlic colcannon cake with Dutch carrots and greens


*Gluten free/Gluten free options

Please check the specials board for Chefs Daily Special




Cappuccino $4.0
Flat White $4.0
Long Black $4.0
Latte $4.0
Mocha $4.5
Macchiato $3.5
Short Black $3.5
Piccolo $4.0
Hot Chocolate $4.5
Chai Latte $4.8
Baby Cino $2.0

soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk



Mug, flavours, extra shot.




Classic Teas $4.0

English breakfast, earl grey, chamomile, peppermint, green tea, Bondi Chai



Juice of the day     $8.50                                               

Fresh orange juice.



Fruit Smoothie   $8.50

 Mango, banana or berry.


Milkshakes   $7.00

   chocolate, vanilla,

strawberry or caramel.

Kids size   $4.50


Iced Chocolate   $7.90

Iced Coffee or Iced Mocha  $7.90

Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lift     $6.20

Tonic Water, Soda Water          $5.70

Ginger Beer, Lemon Lime & Bitters

Coconut Water                                $5.20

Antipodes Sparkling Mineral Water   $6.70


Bottled Juice  $5.00    

Apple, pineapple, tomato & orange.



Traditional Affogato  $10.50

with amaretto  Hummingbird Cake  $10.50

with cream/ice cream

Carrot Cake  $10.50

with cream/ice cream

Assorted Cakes and Treats         $7.00

 with cream/Ice-cream                 $3.50



Dunes & Green Sparkling   $8.00

Pinot Noir NV (SA)


Tyrrell’s Sparkling Cuvee NV

Chardonnay ( Hunter Valley)   $7.50 / $37.50



Tyrrell’s Moores Creek Chardonnay (HV)  $7.50 / $37.50

Jim Barry Watervale Reisling (SA)  $8.00 / $39.00

Tyrrell’s Moores Creek Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (HV)  $7.50 / $37.50

Trout Valley Sauvignon Blanc  $8.50 / $39.50



Tyrrell’s Moores Creek Cabernet Sauvignon (HV)  $7.50 / $37.50

Smith & Hooper Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (SA)  $8.50 / $39.50



Corona Extra   $7.50

Crowne Lager  $7.50

Hahn Premium Light   $6.50

Pear Cider   $7.00

Lick Pier Ginger Beer   $8.50

-A refreshingly dry alcoholic ginger beer

Served on ice with a wedge of lime


SPIRITS with any mixer

Choices are :  Scotch, vodka, gin, brandy, bourbon, tequilla  $8.50



Mexican Coffee  $10.50

Kahlua, coffee & whipped cream

Irish Coffee  $10.50

Irish whisky, brown sugar & cream


Corkage $5.50 per bottle of wine only

Cakeage $2.50 per person

15% surcharge for public holidays